Who Are We

Buxtoni Digital is a web platform where customers can buy web traffic at a fixed price to boost attendance at their websites or landing pages. Reaching your target audience has never been so simple!

Our vast experience and profound knowledge in the field of online promotion will help you enhance traffic on your website, bring more visitors and potential clients, and provide a full report of your campaign.

Buxtoni Digital Gives You The Opportunity To

Purchase a required amount
of visitors at a guaranteed
cost per click (CPC)
Drive and propel website traffic given your target audience options, inter alia GEO (country, region, city etc.), gender, age, common interests or untargeted
Predict the possible outcome of your campaign
Test various traffic types

Purchase Clicks

Select the audience you target and purchase any amount of clicks you need

Select your audience Price Set the number of clicks Sub-Total

Any users from any country of the world

$ 0.01/click
$ 0.01

Any users from a specific country, region or city

$ 0.01/click
$ 0.01

Users specified by gender, age or common interests from a specific country

$ 0.01/click
$ 0.01
TOTAL: $ 10.99